Healthy Diet

Right, it is obvious that to get a Six-Pack you can't just do core workout  7 times a week for a few weeks. This will lead to a stronger core yes, however, dieting and eating the right things will get you the proper nutrition to get a strong set of abs as six-packs not made in the gym but formulated and constructed in a kitchen. You have to be patient and remember everyone is different so everyone's body will have different needs. But here are some diet tips to strengthen and quicken the development of that core!

The basics of building a six-pack in the kitchen include controlling your calorie intake and making sure  your calorie intake suits what you do in a day. everyone has  a different number of calories they should be in taking. TBH there is no point looking up how many calories you should be eating, for your height, age etc. It all matters about many calories you use. If you're looking to lose weight and gain muscle  - cut down calories to around 2500kcal a day. If you are looking to bulk up you need extra calories to help you make that muscle - you need around 3000kcals a day.

Now most of you will know that protein is an essential part of your six-pack diet, and it is. However, it is not the number one thing which will get you a lean body with lean muscle. How much protein is needed for your body daily? Simple, it 40% your weight in pounds. So an average adult who works out 3-5 times a week would need and weighs 165lb would need a around 60-70g of protein a day. And even that amount is a lot so keep protein intake in control as they aren't that important to a perfect body. Protein can be included in fish, red meat, eggs, beans, peanut (butter) and lentils. You can get artificial protein powder for protein shakes which are recommended to have after a work-out to boost the muscle recovery process. Remember a teaspoon of powder is 30-40g, which is half the protein you  need in a day so use moderately.

Carbohydrates are the main thing you will need to boost or reduce your calories and to power your work-out. Carbohydrates are more important than protein because we need carbohydrates to actually work and exercise that muscle. Training a specific muscle, will cause  it to slightly damage and will need to be repaired with protein. However, to exercise your muscles properly you will need a healthy and large proportion of carbs. Many people things carbs are the enemy but the real enemy is sugar, try your best to stay away from sugar as it can easily be wasted and stored as fat in your stomach. To bulk up on muscle you should be increasing your carb diet. And to lose fat, carb cutting is the best way but remember to still eat 2500kcals per day. By not eating many carbs to lose weight may cause you to weaken your muscles as you'll be tired while training.

Remember these tips and you will quickly put on lean powerful muscle through the correct diet.