Weights Training

Okay so you want to begin training with weights. Maybe cause 
your friends are doing it, maybe someone recommended it to you. Whatever the reason, here are the basics to weight training to train safely and to do it correctly to maximize muscle growth and to prevent injury. You may want to  know why you should do weight training first of all. Weight training is absolutely one of the best ways to get fast gains if it has never been done before. It will result in:
  • Increased muscle-fiber size
  • Increased muscle contractile strength
  • Increased tendon strength
  • Increased ligament strength
The most important and crucial start of a workout , any workout is a warm-up. You may think why you need a warm up your not doing any fast moving sport, but you will be lifting heavy weight which will raise your heart rate and stretch your joints. So to start of with do a quick stretch and no weight involving exercise. Remember to use the joint and muscles that you're going to use in your weights workout, only an idiot will do push-ups for a warm up if he/she's going on to pump some leg press for his workout. Once your heart beat is up and your joints and ligaments are flexed you can do weights with a lower risk of injury.
After the main exercise you would want to do a cool down. Many young professional athletes get injured because they didn't perform a good cool down. Remember to stretch your joints and gradually slow down your heart rate.

The weight you choose on your first day of weights should fairly be light as you don't want to get injured with heavy weight until you're a little more experienced and have more technique. Try to see what your ideal dumbbell weight is, by doing a bicep curl or dumbbell bench press. If you find difficulty doing the eighth repetition that is the ideal weight for you. 

Have you recently done your first session of weight and have pain in your muscles after a few days? This is DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and there is nothing to worry about! Nearly everyone I've seen in the gym has it, and its fine. Your muscles are not used to doing weights so they first time you do them, they get shocked and will become sore for a few days, usually the second to fourth day after your first crack in the gym. If it does not go away after a week it is advised to visit a Doctor or Physio-therapist.

The first day you go the gym please please please do not go on a weight muscle that you do not know of. this is usually the cause of injury. start with the basic exercises and doing them properly to get the right technique into you. Few exercises like Bicep curls, Bench press, stuff with dumbbells etc. are ideal. Keeping your wrists and shoulder even is important otherwise they can get permanently damaged.