4 Fat Burning Exercises

Right so, you have identified your reason for not being able to see your hard abs after a month of pure training, you realize a layer of fat is covering them. Even after hours on that treadmill you don't see a pound drop on your weight machine. Thinking of giving up? Don't! Here on this very page are 4 fat melting, calorie consuming exercises. Read it to find out where your going wrong and how you can improve.

The Treadmill
As you have already been doing this for days with no good results you are going scroll past, but let me just stop you there. Maybe you haven't been doing the whole exercise right, maybe you've got the concept and physics of losing weight on the treadmill wrong. Many of you will just go on the treadmill, choose a slow steady pace which you can keep at for an hour. This, my friend is a grave mistake, you might as well slap your self after learning what you've been doing wrong as written below. 
By just keeping at the same slow, steady pace you are not pushing your body hard enough. Here's an analogy: a car with less horse power which is going at a slow speed will lose less fuel/ petrol. However, a Ferrari with 660 horse power will go at a fast speed using up more fuel or petrol. So a person with a lot of energy, motivation (horsepower) will go run on higher speed using more calories (fuel, petrol). 
What i'm trying to say is you need to push your self to burn more calories which will result in faster weight lose. Training on the treadmill until you reach your anaerobic respiration rate or training zone at 160-200 bpm will burn way more calories then a slow aced jog at 100 bpm. It is important to take breaks so do interval training where you do sprints and take breaks. And up the horse-power!

Full-body Exercises
Another way to burn them calories is to do full body exercises. Many of you may want to do exercises specifically designed to lose weight on the belly. Let me just tell you that you have been tricked. A certain exercise cannot burn off certain areas of fat. Fat is all around your body and when you exercise fat is burnt from every part of your body it is in. So next time a website says this exercise will burn belly fat, you wont be fooled!
Whole body exercises involve the whole body which means it will make you tired quicker as your heart needs to pump blood around to more muscles. This is will not only burn energy quick but will also improve your cardio-vascular system (posh word for the heart muscle). Full body exercises can be bur-pees, star jumps, high-knee running, swimming, rugby, rowing, ergo even martial arts as you use your legs to kick and your arms to punch!

Right so here's the tip, more muscle means more calorie burning to sustain those muscles, more calories burning means less calories used to store as fat and therefore in the end you will lose weight or prevent weight gain. As you have muscle increase (hyper-trophy) your muscles will demand more and more calories to for them to be maintained. This will also mean you will feel more hungry than usual but resist it. Remember if you do not eat enough protein or veg or carbs your muscle may decrease in size (muscle atrophy) so keep healthy and don't starve to get thin. So gain muscle fast by clicking here and it will help you use up your calories more. 

Weight Training
Weight training will not only make those muscles burst from your body making you look #dench but will also reduce your weight a lot if you do them. Doing weights them selves reduce so much weight.Studies show that unlike aerobic exercises weight training can continue burning calories in your body for 39 hours. Different types of weight training can be done, by something as simple as a bicep curl or to the heavy weighted clean and jerk. for info on weight training click here and here and learn more.

so overall, the best exercises for quick weight lose are:

  • Bur-pees
  • Weights
  • Mountain climber
  • Running
  • swimming
  • Cycling
  • Squat thrusts
  • High-knees